SUESSLICHT // a lamp made from sugar
  • The design of the luminaire is inspired by the typical complexion of sugar. That is why the lampshades are looking like a sugar loaf. They are created out of sugar crystals mixed with a 10% water basis, formed by high pressure and dried afterwards in cooperation with the sugar producers Pfeifer and Langen.The thickness of the lampshade is under 1 cm, which allows the light to not just shine directive, but to shimmer through the crystalline structure of the pressed sugar.To complete the design the mounting is made out of a butterfly nut screwed on a winded tube that sticks out of the lamp shade and holds the cable and the LED bulb together.The combination of the raw butterfly nut and the fine sugar crystals is an interesting contrast defining the design as a harmonious ensemble. Further the gaudy colored textile cables emphasize the visual perfection of the sugar luminaire called „Suesslicht“.In conclusion the basic material sugar combines a lot of amazing qualities like a stucco surface, a color like snow and it sounds like ceramics. That transmit a high quality rating.
SUESSLICHT // a lamp made of sugar
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